Monday, February 17, 2014

Have battlefield, will travel

So there is a company out there that makes that makes terrain called "Battlefield in a Box".  It is really nice looking stuff, but it is very expensive and not really what we would consider a "battlefield" here at TBT. So we decided to try making our own, a complete battlefield in a neat, easy to transport package.

Here is the box:
        Drawing inspiration from Tiny Solitary Soldiers, and War in a Box, we wanted something that was small, modular, and capable of a wide variety of sit-ups.  The box above is 13" x 13" and about 3 inches tall.  That is a 15mm mini from Khurasan in the picture for scale.

Inside we have a variety of hills made from cork board.  The larger ones have a flat edge allowing them to be butted together to form a single large hill, or to be placed along the board edge as separate hills. Most of the smaller hills sit nicely atop the big ones to add additional relief when desired.

 In addition to the hills, we've got four 12 x 12 tiles that form our skirmish board.  As you can see each tiles has a section of a stream on it, and they can be rotated to make different combinations.

 In addition the back of each tile is also finished, allowing us to flip the tiles to create a large variety of different playing surfaces.  I've coated each tile in several layers of PVA glue to create a tough finish.  We also have gotten some scrap fabric that goes in between the tiles when they are in the box.

 To finish off what is in the set at the moment, there is a small bag of shrubs and other vegetation.  Hopefully this will make a nice board for small 15mm sci-fi and fantasy skirmishes, as well as our board for some 6mm MechaWar.  Altogether this was about $35 USD, including the plastic box to carry everything in.  So there it is, let us know what you think! 

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  1. Thats a great idea, Ive been thinking along the same lines myself. You've done a great job there.