Friday, February 14, 2014

Catching up

So my brother tells me I'm slacking off and should be posting any progress I'm making in our hobbies. Well on the 15mm front I've been trying to get some help for my Ground Zero Games (GZG) New Israeli Army. I decided to use some of Combat Wombat's excellent Grizzly APCs and Lancer Tanks.

Hopefully these will perform admirably in our future games of FUBAR.
I also have been pretty busy painting up some GZG Phalon for Full Thrust. I got a starter fleet with my post Xmas discount. (Thanks GZG!). I still need to finish my frigates and scouts for this fleet.

Mat by Hotz Mats
I also have been slowly converting my FSE, UNSC, and WC ships over to Corsec Engineering bases. I have found these to help not just with establishing firing arcs, but they also save space for storage.Which  means I have more room for more ships! I have found that the flush mounts fit most of my human ships better. I've got almost all of my FSE converted except a few escorts.
I ran out of flush mounts after I got a few of my UNSC Capitol ships done.

Looking forward I'm going to try to finish up my escorts for all three fleets. Then move on to some 15mm fantasy my brother gave me months ago to paint up.

Outside of miniatures I've been playing lots of Warhammer Quest, Ascension, and Lords of Waterdeep on my iPad. I've also been reading the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.

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