Saturday, July 23, 2016

Myth & More

     So, last weekend I visited my parents up in Michigan. We got a couple games of Splendor in. My Mother enjoyed the game quite a bit, and my wife found it "okay". I think this game lives up to its reputation as an excellent Gateway Game.

     On the mini front I've been finishing up most of my Myth base game figures. I'd say the figure I'm happiest with is Yardu, and the one I'm least excited about is the female archer. I need to work on how to properly paint  eyes. I've been trying to learn from some of Ghool's excellent videos. I'm close to finishing up 3 Muckers, and some Lairs by next week.
My current tally is:
The Terror with a Thousand Legs
20 Crawlers
20 Grubbers
1 Muckers
4 Stalkers
6 Heroes
5 Shamblers
1 Soulless

    Starbase Orion continues to entertain. We are on our second conflict, us vs 4 AI in a spiral galaxy. It's a pretty challenging map, as chasing one enemy up his arm of the spiral leaves your arm and the center vulnerable. I'm having a lot of trouble utilizing the different weapon techs effectively. My brother seems to have a bit better of a grasp on it.

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